Complete auto repair is important for the safety of your car and your family.

At Esterkamp’s Automotive & Alignment, we offer comprehensive auto maintenance and care in Cincinnati including brakes, shocks, struts,
exhaust systems, tune-ups, oil changes and alignments, both routine maintenance and one time services. Trust us with your auto repair.

Brake Services

Neglecting your braking system can often lead to increased repair costs and reduced safety. Most places will tell you that brakes need to be replaced every 20,000 miles on the low end. This all depends on car type and driving habits. Here are some of the signs that you may need to get your brakes replaced or repaired:

 • High pitched squeal
 • Spongy feel in the brake pedal
 • Steering wheel vibrating or shaking when brakes are applied
 • Car pulls to one side when braking
 • Grinding while driving or when applying brakes
The team at Esterkamp’s Automotive & Alignment can tend to all of your brake needs in Cincinnati. Our specialties include disc rotor machining, on car disc rotor machining, brake drum machining, stainless steel cylinder repairs, brake valve repairs, brake shoe relining and cleaning
Alignment Specialist


How do I know if my car needs an alignment?

• You are driving straight, but your steering wheel isn’t centered
• Your steering wheel vibrates
• Your car seems to drift to one side
• Uneven tire wear

An out-of-alignment car is a common result of everyday driving. As part of normal driving, the parts that make up your cars suspension can become worn. Bumps and potholes are also big contributers to knocking some of the highly calibrated components a bit off-kilter. Here at Esterkamp’s, our specialists use some of the best equipment available to get your suspension working the way that it’s supposed to. Tires can be expensive to replace and having a good alignment as well as regular scheduled rotations can increase your tire life and save you money down the road. Give us a call or stop by to see if an alignment is needed to keep your car going straight.


Whether you are driving early or late model car, Esterkamp’s had the equipment and knowledge to get your car running right. On most of the vehicles of today, problems and malfunctions can be camouflaged by computers whose primary function is to keep the car running efficiently. While this technology keeps the car running as long as possible, it can sometimes mask underlying problems that could lead to expensive repairs down the road. Bringing your car in for a normal check up is much like your yearly check up with your family doctor. The purpose is to prevent larger problems down the road if we can diagnose a problem early. Here are some symptoms that your car may need a tune-up:

• Knocking or pinging sound
• Loss of power
• Poor gas mileage
• Hard starting
• Stalling
• Strange, rough or bad idle
• Exhaust oder


Esterkamp’s Automotive & Alignment only uses high-grade products for maximum safety and reliability. Your security behind the wheel is our number one priority. Our Cincinnati auto repair shop is a leading retailer of affordable, name-brand kits and components for your complete satisfaction. We always advise having your parts fitted by your trusted, local Cincinnati brakes and alignment experts.